​McGill Aerospace Design Team

The McGill Aerospace Design Society (AERO) is a shared platform for all aerospace engineering design teams at McGill. We provide the organizational frameworks, mentoring, and tools, as well as 100% of the funding for design teams that we accept in our society. One reason for the previous lack of aerospace design teams was the difficulty in starting a new team from scratch. With the McGill Aerospace Design Society, students interested in starting a new project can skip the process of starting and promoting a team, acquiring initial funding, gaining official status at McGill, and finding resources for design, manufacturing, and testing. This shortcut gives design teams more time designing their actual projects. We hope to expand the current group of design teams to include the AIAA competition in the future, as well as any other stimulating challenges that are brought forth. 

At AERO McGill we encourage the development of professional and engineering skills that match industry standards to cultivate a learning experience that extends beyond the reach of any classroom.


AERO McGill is composed 85 students working on four different projects this year. Students from all engineering programs, math, physics, life science to management.  

The members are divided into four different teams. They are the Micro Team, Advanced Team, Solar Drone Team,  and Unmanned Aerial System Team.

All design teams bear the AERO branding of the McGill Aerospace Design Society, projecting a unified and collaborative image to the McGill community at large.

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